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I am a freelance Prop Maker, Scenic Artist and Fabricator that has worked on a variety of events and theatre productions.

I Graduated Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2020 with a BA(Hons) Technical Theatre Arts: Design Realisation.

I specialise and have worked with a wide variety of materials and practices such as sculpting, mold making, paint finishes, carpentry and upholstery.



Unlocked Vision: Chessington World of Adventures Jumanji Hotels and Park

Scenic Artist

(February-March 2023)

Jade Kelly Hayden- Site Manager/Designer

Zowie Wise- Head Scenic Artist


English Touring Opera: Guilio Cesare, Lucrezia Borgia & Il viaggio a Reims

Prop Maker

(February 2023)

Anna Snow- Head Prop Maker


Guildhall School of Music and Drama: Workshop Assistant

(January-February 2023)

Vanessa Cass: Head of Design Realisation


Marlowe Theatre: The Storm Whale

Scenic Artist

(December 2022)

Emma Braiden-Thorn- Assistant Technical Manager

Euan Maybank- Technical Director


NJM: Harrods Christmas Window Displays (Christian Dior)

Scenic Artist

(October-November 2022)

Richard Heighes- Director


Unlocked Vision: Thorpe Park ‘Survival Games’ Maze

Scenic Artist

(September 2022)

Jade Kelly Hayden- Site Manager/Designer

Zowie Wise- Head Scenic Artist



Set Works: British Museum Exhibition

Scenic Artist

(Aug 2022)

Andy Turnbull- Co-Director


Footprint Scenery: Secret Cinema Guardians of the Galaxy

Scenic Artist

(July 2022)

Phil Harlow- General Manager


Secret Cinema: Dirty Dancing

Scenic Artist

(Jun-July 2022)

Isabella Van-Braeckel- Project Manager

Jennifer Taillefer- Project Manager


Set Works: Stranger Things Pop-Up Experience

Scenic Artist

(Apr-May 2022)

Andy Turnbull- Co-Director


Punchdrunk: The Burnt City

Scenic Artist

(November 2021-March 2022)

Charlotte Gainey- Head of Scenic Dept.

Jonny Brown- Scenic Lead

Trinity Theatre: The Prince and the Pauper

Head Scenic Artist

(December 2021)

Designer- Tara Usher

TV Series: Whirlwind

Props Painter

(April 2021)

Steven Spielberg- Producer

Edward Gifford- Employer


Guildhall Studio Theatre: Mr Burns

Set Carpenter

(April 2021)

Chelsea Walker- Director

Camila Clarke- Designer


Capital Scenery: NBC The Grinch Musical!

Scenic Art Assistant

(November 2020)

Max Webster- Director

Peter Bingemann- Designer

Megan Hunt- Head Scenic Artist


Guildhall Silk Street Theatre: The Angel Esmeralda

Props Maker

(January-March 2020)

Martin Lloyd-Evans- Director

Gregor Donnelly- Designer


Boo Productions Ltd

Props and Scenic Art Assistant

(December 2019)

Imelda Cox- Production Manager/Head Scenic Artist


Guildhall Silk Street Theatre: La Fedelta Premiata

Construction Manager

(September-October 2019)

Steven Barlow- Director

Adrian Linford- Designer


The Royal Opera House

Scenic Carpentry and Metalwork Experience

(August 2019)

Steve Hughes- Head of Metalwork



The Park Theatre: An Actor's Nightmare  

Stage Carpenter

(July 2019)

Rebecca Hitchcox- Production Manager

Anna Driftmier- Designer


Guildhall Silk Street Theatre: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Props Assistant

(January-February 2019)

Martin Lloyd-Evans- Director

Ruari Murchison- Designer


Lion and Unicorn Theatre Camden Fringe: In the Wake Of

Scenic Construction Assistant

(August 2018)

Lorenzo Russo- Designer

Matt Strachan- Director

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